What is the practical significance of recycling waste glass bottles?

For the glass bottle itself, its main components are silicon dioxide and a small amount of sodium oxide, calcium oxide and other components. The bottle itself contains no harmful substances. At the same time, glass bottles are environmentally friendly and recyclable compared to plastic materials and chemical materials. It can be said to be a major advancement in the history of human light industrial equipment and a great invention. Glass bottles have a wide range of applications in our lives. They can be used as water containers to facilitate our lives, and they can also be used as craft decorations to decorate our environment. Some friends may ask, since glass bottles are non-toxic and harmless and easy to manufacture, why is there a special recycling of waste bottles? What is the practical significance?

(1) Save resources
Although glass is not a precious item on it, the ingredients required for production are also common elements. But recycling old bottles can save energy to a large extent. These energy sources are not just raw materials on the surface such as sand and silicon. The electricity, coal, and water required for the production behind it are also a considerable consumption. According to statistics, in 2015, my country’s annual production of wine and glass bottles reached 50 billion. It can be imagined how much electricity and water are needed. So it is necessary to recycle used bottles.

(2) Improve utilization
After the bottles are recycled, energy can be saved and the amount of garbage can be reduced. At the same time, the recycled glass bottles can also provide certain raw materials for the production of other products. Since glass bottles have many functions after recycling, my statistics show that the recycling rate of glass bottles can reach 30%, and about 3 billion glass bottles are recycled every year.

(3) Reduce garbage pollution
Recycling of used bottles reduces the accumulation of waste in rural areas and towns, which can effectively protect the local environment and reduce the growth of bacteria. It has a good effect on environmental protection.
After reading the above article, do you know the practical significance of recycling waste bottles? There are many social and resource problems hidden behind a small humble bottle. So please don't throw it away in your daily life. Putting it in the recycle bin is also an easy act of kindness.

Post time: Apr-15-2021