What are the colors and types of glass bottles?

What are the colors and types of glass bottles? Here are the technicians of the glass bottle company to introduce to you
1. Glass bottles are bottles made of glass raw materials. Commonly known as glass bottles, there are many colors of glass bottles, which are divided into transparent glass bottles, green glass bottles, brown glass bottles, blue glass bottles, dark green glass bottles, and emerald green glass. bottle.
2. At present, transparent white glass bottles are widely used, and there are many types of products. The market demand is very large. The main raw materials for the production of glass bottles are quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, feldspar powder, borax, sodium nitrate, calcite, and broken glass. , Etc. The raw materials synthesized by a dozen kinds of raw materials are stirred and evenly crushed into the kiln. The solute is burned at 1550°-1600° to melt the raw materials into glass liquid water, and then processed by the feeding equipment to form a transparent white glass bottle. It can also be sprayed and processed into green glass bottles, brown glass bottles, green glass bottles, etc. It can also be processed with roasted frosting on the surface of transparent glass bottles.
3. Glass bottles are the most popular and environmentally-friendly product packaging containers on the market. Decorative utensils, glass tableware, and glass bottles made of glass raw materials are also the cheapest packaging materials. Glass containers made of glass occupy food and beverage packaging. Important position
4. Glass bottles can be used for wine packaging, beverage packaging, oil packaging, canned food packaging, acid packaging, medicine packaging, reagent bottles, infusion packaging, cosmetics packaging, etc. This is not the case with other packaging materials. Alternative packaging characteristics are inseparable.

Post time: Apr-15-2021