Introduction to the production process of glass bottles

Glass bottle production process
In the production of daily-use glass, after the raw materials are proportioned, they are melted, fed, formed, thermally sprayed, annealed, and cold sprayed to make our designed glass bottles. Only then can the qualified products be transported to each user unit through inspection and packaging.
1. Raw materials
There are many types of glass, the raw materials used are different, and the melting process is different (for example, the melting temperature of quartz glass and crystalline glass is much higher than that of soda lime silica glass). The physical and chemical properties of products are also very different. Daily use bottle glass belongs to soda-lime silica glass (including most of the salt water bottles produced now), that is, glass with basic components of SiO2, Na2O, CaO, MgO, Al2O3, and then put all the components into the furnace for melting.


2. Melting, ingredients
Ingredients The raw materials are mixed according to the set ratio. The batching operation of Yanru adopts automatic batching operation. After the automatic batching system automatically weighs, the batch material enters the conveyor belt, and the batch material and cullet are put into the furnace, and the batch material is melted, homogenized and clarified at a high temperature above 1500 ℃. This process of molten glass that meets the requirements is called glass melting.


3. Clot
Take out the molten glass from the furnace, cool it evenly, and cut it into "curd", enter the material cup through the guide tube, and then be accurately and quickly distributed by the distributor in a certain order to each unit of the determinant bottle making machine, and pass through the straight groove , The turning groove enters the first mold.


4. Forming
After the agglomerate is subjected to the rank machine, the primary preform is formed by blowing and pressure blowing, and the appearance quality, verticality, ovality and size of the bottle are checked, and finally it is shaped into a beautiful and practical Yanru glass container. .


5. Quality
Our company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, FSSC22000 system certification, from raw material inspection and delivery to customers, etc., to effectively establish a key control point identification, monitoring and improvement system for biological, chemical and physical hazards that affect the safety and health of glass containers.


6. Packaging
Realize high-heavy fully automated packaging, automatic palletizing, automatic conveying, automatic strapping, and automatic burning.


Post time: Apr-15-2021