Correctly clean the method and steps of the glass bottle water cup.

What are the correct methods and steps for cleaning glass bottles and cups? Below are the technical staff of glass bottle production to explain to everyone, I hope to better help customers and friends when using it.
1. Brew with boiling water first: Before cleaning the water cup, thoroughly soak the glass bottle with boiling water of sufficient temperature, so that the water cup can be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized. This is also the first step to thoroughly clean the dirt.
2. Wipe with a clean rag: Many people like to use a wire brush to scrub glass bottles. This is a wrong cleaning method, because it is easy to leave scars on glass cups, so be sure to scrub with a clean rag
3. Finally, rinse with clean boiling water: After some cleaning, the glass bottle is completely clean as new, but at the end, remember to rinse it again with clean boiling water. This will not only rinse off the cleaning agent, but also The water cup is sterilized and disinfected again
Do you understand the correct method and steps for cleaning glass bottle water cups by the technicians who produce glass bottles? Hope our introduction can help you better

Post time: Apr-15-2021