2L 3L 5L 8L 10L Kitchen Household Octagonal Bottle Clear Glass Storage Jar

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Perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients including preserves, jams, chutneys, rice, sugar, flour, tea, coffee, herbs, spices, biscuits, etc. 

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DURABLE: These glass jars with matching lids are wide mouthed and thick walled to ease scooping and maximize protection. Strong enough to withstand the pressures of a glass-on-glass design, lids sit snugly on bottoms as reliable see-through covers.
LEAD FREE. BPA FREE. SAFE DESIGN: Lead-free glass is healthier than plastic and metal. It will not warp, stain, retain smells, or leach dangerous chemicals or microplastics into food or drinks.

1 Gallon Heritage Hill Glass Jar
vintage large glass storage jars

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